Here at the office of Paul Mundl, DDS, we are dedicated to helping our patients cope with any anxiety they may have about care and treatment.

We are specially trained to provide treatment in a way that minimizes discomfort and anxiety so that our patients can become pain free and healthy as quickly as possible.

It’s common for patients to have some apprehension about oral surgery. Misconceptions about root canals have branded them as painful, but the actual procedure isn’t painful at all. We will take the time to walk you through the entire procedure so you know exactly what you can expect.

Our staff will work directly with you to reduce your fears by answering any questions you have and recommending ways to reduce anxiety before and during the procedure.

We work hard and participate in specialized training so that our patients can be confident they are receiving the best treatment possible.

If you have any questions about anxiety management, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (951) 676-1232.