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Dental Implants v. Dentures: What are the Benefits? – Paul Mundl, DDS

Missing teeth leave gaps that are not easy to deal with. They affect not only your ability to chew and speak normally but also impact your self-confidence. Dentures and dental implant treatment offer the best opportunities to restore teeth, including appearance and function. But which option is best for you? Depending on your oral health and needs, either may be right for your smile. Consider the benefits of each option:

Long Lasting and Natural Function with Dental Implants

Dental implant treatment utilizes modern technology to restore your teeth. Implant posts are placed into the jaw bone and integrate over time. Your bone and the post fuse, creating a strong foundation to which restorations can be attached. Implant-supported restorations include crowns, bridges, and dentures, and are matched to the number of implants placed. They are also customized to match the shade and shape of your existing teeth. With a resilient and lasting bond, the implant becomes a replacement teeth root and offers many benefits to patients

Additional benefits of dental implant treatment:
• Adaptable to any number of missing teeth
• Restorations made from premium materials
• Designed to be permanent
• Restorations won’t fall out
• Restores bone strength and structure

Cost-Effective Teeth Replacement with Dentures

Dentures and partials were the standards of teeth replacement care for some time. These appliances typically have a base of gum-colored acrylic which has teeth set into them. Dentures are adapted to the number of existing teeth, and suction or dental adhesives hold them in place. Removable for easy cleaning and oral hygiene, dentures do not require any sort of procedure in order to customize them to teeth. Additionally, their removable nature makes it easier to fix them when damaged, or reline them if they grow uncomfortable. With a lifespan of about five years, they are not the longest-lasting solution, but they are typically covered by insurance and still allow for options such as porcelain teeth.

How else you can benefit:
• No surgery required (unless teeth require extraction)
• Affordable
• Easily replaced
• Simple maintenance

Need expert Teeth Replacement? Call Paul Mundl, DDS

If you have missing teeth, Dr. Mundl’s Temecula practice offers you solutions. We will recommend the best treatment for your unique smile, one that restores oral health and self-confidence.

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